Highest quality from the Genussregion Paznaun.

The products from the region reflect our values ​​and our closeness to nature. Consistently high quality and an excellent aroma characterize the dishes that we serve our guests at the breakfast buffet as well as at dinner and at the La Candela.

In Summer we do not only serve our own meat products, but various types of vegetables, salads and fresh herbs from our farm, as well. Enjoy the products from our own production. We are sure you will enjoy them.

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Did you know

… around 15 cows of the Tyrolean gray cattle and some horses live in our stable.

… our Tyrolean yearling comes from suckler cow husbandry and is only fed with the finest hay, milk and water.

… all our cows spend the entire summer on the alpine pasture.

… our horses are moved daily on our outdoor area or during a ride in the wonderful mountain landscape.

… we harvest around 8 hectares of hay twice a year.

NEW: Our boss and farmer wants to fulfil one of his heart’s desires and has decided to provide some space for new stable residents. Soon we will also have “Paznaun sheep” at our farm.